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If you're new to Las Vegas, first observe the dress and behavior of the gg's who are of your approximate age, height, body type, and fitness level.

Use them as a model for your mode of dress and comportment.

Don't push things, remember, you're in Las Vegas to have a good time, not to change the world.

The people for whom this guide is intended are either those who wish to blend well in mainstream venues, or those who wish to go to places that are known to be accepting of those who are transgender.

The two major gaming areas, those being the main part of the Las Vegas Strip, and the downtown Fremont Street areas, are for the most part safe for those who are transgender, day or night. Casual is the norm for Las Vegas dress in the daytime.

The major shopping areas on or near the Strip are, for the most part, safe as well. These are generally considered safe, again, day or night. Casual to dressy is seen in the evenings, but casual still seems to predominate.

If this is your first time, or if you don't think you pass well, stick to the places that cater to grownups, and avoid the family-oriented "theme" properties.

Downtown businesses that many said would never draw customers from the suburbs ended up drawing so many that it makes financial sense for their owners to open up shop closer to their neighborhoods.One thing to keep in mind is that Las Vegas is a show town, and it's not at all unusual for men to be seen buying such things as lingerie, cosmetics, etc.You will be nothing new to the staff of almost any shop in Las Vegas, either in girlmode, or shopping for stuff in boymode.See the big list (link at the bottom) for places to stay and play.Within the community, the Mandalay (Circus) properties, particularly the Circus-Circus casino, have a reputation of being not totally TG-friendly.

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