Adventure dating reality show

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“Everyone who’s ever been on this show says it changes you.It changes you completely because you’re in the moment and you see your other life back home from a different perspective.Read below for the descriptions: The ultimate choose-your-own-adventure that puts one person’s fate into the hands of opinionated viewers.Having to rely on social media interactions alone, the day-to-day living of our host will be completely dictated by the audience.Minot, North Dakota, is home of a modern-day Gold Rush with individuals and families from all over the country flocking to this unexpectedly wealthy area for a chance to strike it rich and ask, “Why Not, Minot?

Sunlight filled their home near the banks of the Two River as they rocked side by side in oak chairs covered in red leather. “We got each other’s humor right away, and that’s not something everyone gets.

Nathan Younggren was a 25-year-old farmer who raised wheat, soybeans and beef cattle with his family near Hallock.

Victoria “Tori” Allen was a 28-year-old former ski bum and advertising rep who lived in Colorado.

He played rock music in a cover band, and she was a champion X Games rock climber.

The unlikely pair seemed a world apart last May when they arrived in Sweden to compete in the country’s No.

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