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This is not only because of the reproductive function.It contemplates an important aspect of life that craves for sexual pleasure, acceptance, and personal realization.The plaintiff’s accounts of their examinations differ from the doctors who carried them out, according to Neela Ghoshal, a Nairobi-based senior researcher on the Human Rights Watch LGBT Rights programme.She has spoken with the men and is closely following the case.Anal examinations are believed to be relatively rare in Kenya, but are commonly used against homosexual men in, among other places, Egypt, Tunisia, Uganda and Turkmenistan.They are purportedly used to check if a man has had anal sex.If the judge rules in the favour of the men – who have remained anonymous - it would present a landmark victory for the rights of LGBT people in Kenya and beyond.

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The attorney general is expected to respond to the case on May 12, leaving the government with a tight deadline, which could bode well for the plaintiffs.

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"It is particularly shocking that such exams are happening in Kenya, given that anal abuse was perpetrated on Kenyan nationalists by the British colonisers during the independence struggle in the 1950s.

Kenyan freedom fighters rightly condemned such abuse six decades ago and their successors should condemn it again today." Anal examinations have been widely condemned by scientists and have been dismissed as “medically worthless” in UN documentation.

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