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We wont edit your posts (we don't do that on Whirlpool), but we will hide them (they can be unhidden once the content that broke a rule is removed). So, provide keywords, themes, even trivial details may help.Whilst some scenes which are shocking might be the easiest to remember and describe, that doesn't mean they'll be OK to describe. Obviously if you can remember actors, years/decades, story location etc include that.Then he tries again holding the sword pointing down & impressess them all....anyone know what movie that was in?This one could be a Tales from the Darkside Episode, although it wasn't an old Cell Phone, it was a Landline she was using and it wasn't herself as a child but a grown woman "Sorry, Right Number" 1987. everyone need help looking for a movie can't remeber the name off it urm its like a high school / college movie thing urm winthin the last 10 years l think some guy has to do like 10 -12 quest things in like 1 night ones like he has to steal a car thats worth more then 100k or something if anyone knows plz help thanks alot Greetings." and she turns around and first she thinks its a prank and then she gets killed by the guy who was behind her while she was taking the photo. PLEASE help me find out what movie was this, because it's been SO long since i've watched it, and it was AMAZING ! What is the movie where a young woman calls herself in the past with an old cell phone?It is a low budget film where this late teen or early twenties girl finds an old cell phone that calls her home when she was a child.

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And then at the end the police say she killed her father in another state and has been on the lam.

I saw this sometime in the mid to late 90's, I believe.

The movie opens with the lead actress, who is a teacher.

One of the little girls in her class has drawn a disturbing picture and she thinks the girl might be getting abused.

Then she is walking home from work and she meets this guy on the street who is a photographer, and he wants to take pictures of her, so they become friends. The plot is structured so every time you think you know who the killer is, that person gets murdered.

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