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I love half of the names but unfortunatly most of them I know already from my family, friends...

Our muslim relatives pronounce the name as is'haac.

Ruby is very common but I've yet to hear another child called maysa in the uk, when we went to tunisia we heard the name maysa quite a bit.

I study Islam at a level and when I came across the name whilst learning bits of the Quran, I was adamant I was going call my daughter (if I had one) that but when I came to have children I had a boy and oh didn't like it either.

Will keep you posted if I think of anymore I think there a big difference between modern muslim names and distorting names to the Western variation.

My little girls are muslim and there names are maysa and ruby.

Beginning in the 1st century CE, fragments of Northern Old Arabic are attested in the Nabataean script across northern Arabia.

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need to check this too as I like it On my list name Zain was there but didnt like the meaning - beauty, not sure if i like my son to pay that much attention to his appearance Ladies pleas keep posting, I am pregnant and its really difficult to choos now - you know, hormons One of our neighbours are a muslim family and they're all really lovely.

=) I also know two brothers who's mum was married to a muslim man but wanted their names to have an english twist so the eldest is called Kamran like a PP said and the younger brother is called Joshan.

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