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In this updated version, I'll give you the additional option of staying over a night in Vientiane.But let's start with the fastest version: Not only is the fastest visa run possible, it is also the most comfortable and one of the cheapest.I'm going to explain this from the 12.20 PM POV, as I don't like early flights.Take a taxi to Don Muang airport, or if outside of Bangkok, to wherever your local airport is.

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Book a fly n' ride ticket to Udon Thani with Nok Air.Alternatively, go with the Nok Air minivan, relax and stay a night in Vientiane. I really prefer this option because it means less traveling in one day, and I get to see the sunset over the Mekong, have dinner in Laos and do some shopping at the night market. So, it's all the same steps as above, except at ‘Step 9' you jump in the Nok Air minivan and go to Vientiane.If your hotel is on the way they will happily drop you off, if not, you will be taken to a travel agents named Trans-Express in town.This is the official Nok Air drop off and pick-up point.You then have to make your way to your hotel, which will be walkable if you use one of my hotel recommendations below: I’ve stayed at the Ibis Nam Phu three times. I know what I’m getting and it has been a wonderful experience every time.

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