Dating a designer

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More specifically, it really sucks being a valentine of a graphic designer for various reasons. You’ll have to come out the last, because they want to see the full list of credits to check if they know someone.

If you go out for a dinner instead, beware they won’t go to a restaurant without secretly critiquing the menu design.

Here with tongues planted firmly in cheek, we provide you some bad habits of designers to laugh about and have fun.

It is difficult for the designers to spare time to spend with their partners.

They are big spenders; though, they only want to shop for the super geeky stuff.With close deadlines to meet and projects to discuss, they can’t have quality time without completing their tasks.Imagine you find your date carrying a laptop; you are surely going out with a designer.Similarly, they have an out of the ordinary sense of giving presents.The perfect gift for them would be a beta version of the latest graphic design software.

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