Dating and authorship of the gospels

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That's why Matthew includes many of the teachings of Christ and makes numerous references to Old Testament prophecies.Mark wrote to a Greek or Gentile audience to prove that Jesus is the Son of God.Authorship of the Gospels: No gospel identifies its author.The common designations placed before the Gospels, e.g., “The Gospel according to Matthew” stem from the late 2d cent.The late date of the writings allowed legends and exaggerations to proliferate, they say. The first challenge to address is how to account for the differences among the four Gospels.They are each different in nature, content, and the facts they include or exclude.They are important witnesses, however, to how the passion was perceived and narrated at a later period.Skeptics have criticized the Gospels, the first four books of the New Testament, as being legendary in nature rather than historical.

His gospel moves very quickly from one event to another, demonstrating Christ's lordship over all creation.

With that insight, near the end of his life John sat down and wrote the most theological of all the Gospels.

We should expect some differences between four independent accounts.

That intervening pre Gospel tradition was not preserved even if at times we may be able to detect the broad lines of its content.

When we seek to reconstruct it or, even more adventurously, the actual situation of Jesus himself, we are speculating.

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