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A pastor must come to the people from the presence of God, from talking to God about men to enter the pulpit to talk to men about God.I am seeking my soul mate to enjoy the things of God together.I am a fairly quite person, I love to study God's work and be with God's people for fellowship and prayer.

Again, dating is not per se wrong while getting a divorce, but it may hurt your interests in some cases.

I’m pretty much cool with anything so I plan on enjoying wherever I am.

Hello everyone, hope i am in the right place with people we share similar faith and values.

Again, dating while married is itself not against the law, and it likely will have little effect on what a judge might rule in your case, but proof of adultery in the marriage could have a big effect on certain rulings.

” of marital property, which means courts can look at a variety of factors to determine an equitable or fair distribution.

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