Dating laws in ca

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That assumes the correct information is inputted into the program.

Not in every case, but there has to be a proper, legal reason to deviate from it.

California Courts cannot simply fail to order the guideline child support amount for reasons not permitted by law.

That is because the guideline child support number is presumptively deemed to be correct.

This presumption of correctness can be rebutted up or down. By the way, the person who wants the Court to deviate from the guideline formula is the one who has to persuade the Court it should.

The Court needs to have admissible evidence that shows the guideline formula would be “unjust or inappropriate” in the case. The list is: (2) “The sale of the family residence is deferred pursuant to Chapter 8 (commencing with Section 3800) of Part 1 and the rental value of the family residence where the children reside exceeds the mortgage payments, homeowner’s insurance, and property taxes.

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We cannot cover every child support topic on this page. But what we can do and have done is give direction and a starting point for the most common issues and questions.The Family Court has to state: (1) The amount of support that would have been ordered under the guideline formula.(2) The reasons the amount of support ordered differs from the guideline formula amount.Once you have read this, it’s time to get advice regarding your specific child support matter.Our family law firm handles child support matters in divorce and paternity cases within Orange County.

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