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With her tumbling brunette locks and voluptuous curves, Alexandra Dmitrieva looks more like a glamorous model than a struggling student, but she’s only recently graduated from a business course at Regent’s University London.

Alexandra, whose parents made pots of money from the Russian oil industry, works for a chemical company, as well as helping out in the family business.

Emir, who attended the £60,000-a-year American School in Switzerland, and studied business at New York University before moving to London, is heir to a generations-old Turkish property empire and owns a £2.8 million apartment in Manhattan.

He is also co-founder of a property brokerage whose offerings include a £77 million premises on New York’s Fifth Avenue.

There are many people who work very hard because they’re busy building up a company, studying or on the fast track in their career, but there are also people who act like they’re ‘critical’ and work very long hours because it helps them to avoid their feelings, themselves, and even relationships.

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You can see how easy it was for me to think that not being a priority was normal.

Her guests were treated to a sumptuous dinner in the ballroom, black-tie waiter service and pink table settings — which matched her expensive sweeping fishtail dress.

And no wonder — Roxie, who has 11,700 followers on Instagram, posts photos from exotic locations around the world.

You’re a valuable person in your own right deserving of love, care, trust, respect as well as time and effort. Behind every excuse is the real reason and the real reason is that aside from considering themselves to be ‘super-important’, they also don’t want to make the effort.

How can a relationship progress, experience commitment and intimacy, plus have balance and consistency if someone is pleading off with the modern day equivalent of “Oh sorry, not tonight love, I’ve got a headache”? Whatever they’re busy at is a crutch and it’s one that they cling on to that prevents them from getting ‘too’ intimate and ‘too’ committed ensuring that they don’t have ‘too many’ responsibilities. I wouldn’t go thinking that your inadequacies are what are causing them to fill up their schedule.

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