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” If these are the biggest issues in your life because you’ve successfully landed a stellar high-paying job and you’ve never been systematically discriminated against, boy oh boy, do we have the dating site for you.

The League is a selective dating app for ambitious and elite people who, as the website claims, “don’t need a dating app to get a date — you’re too popular as it is.” But, of course, why would these elite people spend time searching on their own when they can have someone else do the bidding for them.

Dislikes: muggles and halfbloods and anyone that doesn’t look like him.

Name: Gretchen Weiner Alma Mater: North Shore High School Hobbies: Being the daughter of the inventor of Toaster Strudels, generally being wealthy.

First of all, the members who position themselves as millionaires should have an income that is not below a certain level – the minimal sum varies for websites.

The financial status of a user should be verified: information on taxes or a statement from a bank is acceptable.

Hence, portals dedicated to rich people should be distinguished from the sites hosting sugar daddies or mommas.

If you are willing to find a millionaire to date you should understand how the niches websites function and what does it mean to date a millionaire online.

Usually, those who create their accounts on sites for millionaires are interested in keeping their private life in a secret.We explored the offerings on the rich men dating market and selected several sites that prove to be the most convenient and reliable.When people hear about the best dating sites to meet a rich man they usually think about websites that host rather old successful men and young girls who are looking for someone to pay for their expensive shoes and vacations.Dislikes: Hoop earrings now that a prettier girl said she can’t wear them.Name: Christian Grey Alma Mater: Not entirely clear, but lives nearby Washington State University Vancouver Hobbies: Running vague publishing company and doing a lot of freaky sex things that you wouldn’t guess from his clean and crisp appearance.

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