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Specifically, this report addresses the issue of CONVERSION THERAPY for minors. The conclusions in this report are based on professional consensus statements arrived at by experts in the field.

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Note: You are free to read, download, save, and print the Study Guide(s) and Quiz(zes) for this Course, before deciding to enroll in the course.Based upon these credentials, the course is accepted by most state boards for multiple licenses.CEU By Net sponsors this course online for Continuing Education credit. The training document was prepared and published in the public domain in October 2015 by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA - Rockville, MD). Anderson, Ph D (Associate Executive Director, Public Interest Directorate, Director LGBT Office) and Judith Glassgold, Psy D (Associate Executive Director, Government Relations, Public Interest Directorate).The Expert Panel consisted of a panel of researchers and practitioners in child and adolescent behavioral health with a strong background in gender development, gender identity, and sexual orientation in children and adolescents. Keo-Meier, Ph D; Scott Leibowitz, MD; Robin Lin Miller, Ph D; Caitlin Ryan, Ph D, ACSW; Josh Wolff, Ph D; and Mark A. We at CEU By Net are sponsoring this course because it represents a critical 'sea change' in the mental health and addiction field and in American social thinking.The panel included, among others, Sheri Berenbaum, Ph D; Celia B. This course should be enlightening for all professionals who are not familiar with the inherent physiological and genetic basis for LGBTQ IDENTITY including TRANSGENDER IDENTITY in very young children, and the developmental process as it unfolds over time.

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