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Sharif subsequently handpicked both the COAS (General Musharraf) and DG-ISI (Gen Ziauddin Butt) and was comfortable until he stepped on the toes of the COAS over the Kargil misadventure.Indeed, if he had understood the nature of the army and ISI generals arrayed against him at that time, he would not have tried to sack Gen Musharraf and provoke them.Nawaz Sharif eased Gen Durrani out in 1992 only after seeing the back of General Beg in 1991 and breathed easy only after handpicking Gen Javed Nasir as DG-ISI over the COAS Gen Asif Nawaz.But he lost his job in 1993 when COAS Gen Abdul Waheed (handpicked by President Ishaq Khan over his head) and DG-ISI Gen Javed Ashraf Qazi (handplicked by Gen Waheed) lined up against him.The national policies and funding to support this process focus on five key factors: common values, mutal commitments and obligations, social mobility, local civic participation and tackling intolerance and extremism.While local and regional authorities are taking a lead in certain issues and parts of the UK (e.g.They paid her back a year later by using the ISI to mount her ouster via President Ishaq Khan and Punjab Chief Minister Nawaz Sharif.

Three serving generals of the time were billed to be 'the richest generals in the world' by Time in 1986.

These cuts and restrictions rarely subject to the types of pilots and evaluation that would evaluate their reach and impact on local communities and various integration outcomes.

The government's February 2012 integration strategy assigns greater responsibility for integration to society and local authorities.

Mohammad Khan Junejo sought to hold DG-ISI General Hameed Gul accountable and former DG-ISI Gen Akhtar Abdul Rehman for the Ojri Camp explosion in 1978 and was booted out by the COAS Gen Zia ul Haq even for harbouring the thought.

Benazir Bhutto was able to shove Gen Gul out of the ISI in 1989 but had to eat humble pie from COAS Gen Aslam Beg who promoted him from Maj-Gen to Lt-Gen and gave him a corps commander's position in Multan.

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