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I’ve been puzzling for a while over why more women don’t enter these very long races – and the Transcon tends to have an even smaller female field than events like the Trans Am (which had three women finish in the top ten this year), and the Tour Divide.I still don’t quite understand why, because to my mind the Transcontinental is the very best of all the races – it passes through more different landscapes and cultures than any other, and what’s more the checkpoints change every year, making it effectively a brand new race.Which sort of means I won, unless you count the men and women together (which I prefer to), in which case I came in somewhere around 40th. Partly because it seems unnecessarily smug to devote a whole blog post to my winning a race (and I don’t have time to write the long rambling race report that would reveal winning to be merely the cherry on a very large and delicious cake), and partly because – well, a lazy cycle-tourer like me shouldn’t be winning the Transcontinental .I’m under no illusions that if riders like Juliana, or Sarah Hammond, or Lael Wilcox entered they’d wipe the floor with me – and probably most of the men as well.

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To ride long distances, to enter more sportives and audaxes, to sign up for events like Paris-Brest-Paris and London-Edinburgh-London, and races like Tour Divide and Trans Am – but really, to join me on the Transcontinental, because it’s a wonderful race, because I want more company and competition, and because there’s really no reason why dozens more women couldn’t do it.

When people tell you a thousand times 'you'll get the gold', somewhere in your mind you are going to say 'you’ve done it." Some swimming fans were less than impressed with Emily's latest accusations with some branding her a "drama queen".

But others shared their support for the young star, commenting that it does appear that Australian competitors were given much more air time for winning gold. No matter what," one fan wrote, while another added: "Congratulations you continue to shine!

There was nothing more I can do but I was really proud of myself for stepping up.” At the 2012 London Olympics Games, the swimmer also blamed an "obsession" with social media as the reason why she fell short of the gold medal in the 100m backstroke event.

"I don't know, I just felt like I didn't really get off social media and get into my own head," she said at the time.

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