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Between my children, my friends, my grandson, my life here, I just feel very blessed and very grateful.CS: We are lucky to have people like Kim Richards come up to the Sanctuary, this is a side of Kim that people don't know.It's been amazing for me and me coming here has really been a major part of keeping me sober.I think the other part of it has been having my grandson this year.Skydog's owner Clare Staples has even become Richards' mentor and sponsor since their initial meeting and has helped Richards on her road to recovery. Kim Richards: When I'm here and when I leave here, I feel, I can't describe it. There are no words to describe how I feel when I'm with the horses. I get this incredible feeling and I can't wait to come back.In the interview below, Richards explains how going to Skydog has helped in her recovery process, reveals if her family has been to the ranch and more! Clare Staples: It's not even just the volunteering that Kim is doing here, she's so invested into it that she will literally call me at 9 p.m.

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It really is, I just want to share that last part about how I feel- life is good today.

She's thought about making a western clothing line and I'm just like, "You're thinking about that at 9 p.m. " She's always thinking of how to fundraise and ways to promote.

She has a family and a new grandson and plenty of other things that she could be out doing instead of coming here and scooping up horse poop. News: How has coming here helped you with your recovery process and staying sober? My recovery has been amazing and I love how I feel.

Savanna-mosaic habitats are thought to represent exceptional circumstances for chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes), and owing to the virtues of their habitat as well as peripheral biogeographic location, they are often regarded as marginal to the chimpanzee ecological niche.

If these habitats are marginal, then we should expect that chimpanzees living in these habitats demonstrate physiological consequences of the extremity of this environment.

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