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If he doesn't want to listen to a reprimanding parent, he simply covers his ears with his hands to block out the noise.When he sees something he doesn't want to look at, he covers his eyes with his hands or arms.According to study findings from researcher Robert Feldman at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, people meeting for the first time will lie to each other at a rate two or three times for every 10 minutes of conversation.James Patterson, author of , interviewed over 2000 Americans and found that 91% admitted to lying regularly both at home and at work.

These responses are most likely to happen during lies because they are emotionally the most important things to the liar.You can compare behaviors between how he acts when telling the known truth and when you think he may be attempting to lead you astray. If you think that just one single gesture is going to give the game away, you're just deceiving yourself.If you told the absolute truth to everyone you interacted with, what would be the result?If you said the exact words going through your mind as you thought them, what consequences would it bring?Most of the lies people tell are not of the big, venal kind designed out of malice, but the "little white lie" variety often intended as a social lubricant with others and helps us maintain friendly relationships.

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