Gym class heroes dating

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Just few weeks prior the winning, the band have enjoyed the honor from younger fans by being named Teen Choice Awards for 'Choice Music: Breakout Group'.This at the same time, has also proven that the indie band won popularity that is personally favored by their fans, regardless age, heavy promotion or number of records.However, Cupid himself gets shot with an arrow by a female Cupid, and the video closes with the two of them dancing together with Mc Coy & Perry watching from in front.(Cupid also dances several times before the ending).This time, Mc Coy's girlfriend is more romantically involved with Mc Coy, but she becomes increasingly angry when he invites his friends to a party her parents are hosting.

He pushes her off a bridge, and she appears to be dead.The first version of the "Cupid's Chokehold" video directed by Andrew Paul Bowser for the album The Papercut Chronicles features MC Travis Mc Coy working at a toy factory.While working, he stumbles upon a "prototype toy" which turns out to be a life-size doll.At the end of the video, she is awakened by Patrick Stump, who also appears to be a robot.The two fall in love and walk down the road together.

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