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"How Did Recovery Ratings on Mexican Corporate Issuers Perform Through the Financial Crisis?" December 7, 2011 - Jose Coballesi (Standard & Poors).Neither EMTA nor the author of any publication posted in this area has assumed any obligation to update any materials posted herein, and each item is deemed to be dated the date of its publication as stated therein or, in the absence of a date, the date of its posting.Materials posted in this area are intended only for general market information, and do not constitute an offer, or the solicitation of an offer, to buy or sell any investment security or related instrument by EMTA or any other person, and are not intended for use in connection with making any investment decision.“Mexico’s Energy Reform: Yes, It’s a Big Deal.” December 19, 2013 – Rafael de la Fuente (UBS)."EMEA Looking Glass - Hungary High Court Upholds Contract Law on FX Loans" December 17, 2013 - Phoenix Kalen (Societe Generale)."Lat Am FI: Catch Carry If You Can." December 15, 2013 - Gordian Kemen, Alejandro Martinez Cruz, Sarah Leshner, Aaron Gifford (HSBC Securities (USA) Inc.)“EM Outlook.” December 12, 2013 – Simon Quijano-Evans, Ashley Davies, Tatha Ghose, Charlie Lay, Barbara Nestor and Mario Robles (Commerzbank)."2014 Outlook: Meet the New EM.” December 3, 2013 - Rashique Rahman and Morgan Stanley Research Global EM Macro Strategy Team (Morgan Stanley).“Emerging Markets Macro and Strategy Outlook: Prospects for 2014 and Beyond.” December 2, 2013 - David Lubin, Guillermo Mondino and Johanna Chua (Citi).“EM Outlook: GEM in 2014: Doom and Bloom.” November 28, 2013 – Benoit Anne, Regis Chatellier, Phoenix Kalen, Eamon Aghdasi and Amit Agrawal (Societe Generale).“Latin America 2014-17: Fair but Increasingly Heterogeneous Outlook.” November 22, 2013 - Alberto Ramos, Mauro Roca, Tiago Severo and David Reichsfeld (Goldman Sachs).“Lat Am Outlook 2014/2015.” November 7, 2013 – Rafael de la Fuente and Thiago Carlos (UBS)."CFK Announces a Double Edge Exchange." August 27, 2013 – Guillermo Mondino and Jeff Williams (Citi)."Argentina Economic Update." August 27, 2013 – Alberto J.Bernal-Leon (Bulltick Capital Markets)."Argentina: US Appeals Court Shows No Sympathy." August 23, 2013 – Rafael de la Fuente and Thiago Carlos (UBS Investment Bank).Porzecanski (American University)."Argentina: The Coming Storm." August 1, 2014 - Joshua Rosner (Graham Fisher).

" February 16, 2012 – Daniel Davies.“What Did Belize’s Prime Minister Mean?

"Prospects for 2012." November 28, 2011 – David Lubin, Johanna Chua and Joaquin A.

Cottani (Citi).“Latin America in 2012: The Risks to Return Abundance.” November 28, 2011 - Gray Newman, Luis Arcentales, Arthur Carvalho and Daniel Volberg (Morgan Stanley)."EM Outlook for 2012." November 23, 2011 – Global EM Strategy Team (Societe Generale).“Lat Am Outlook 2012.” November 14, 2011 – Javier Kulesz, Andre Carvalho, Rafael de la Fuente and Gustavo Arteta (UBS)."How Did Recovery Ratings On Mexican Corporate Issuers Perform Through The Financial Crisis?

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"Sovereign Defaults Series: Debt Relief Often Greater on Official-Sector Bilateral Loans than Private Sector Debt." April 3, 2018 - Elena Duggar (Moody's).

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