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Malcolm has been hurt by a multitude of women early in his life.There is overwhelming good within this man and the love that he feels for Keisha is absolute and all consuming. Demons from his past keep popping up trying to drag him back to a time when he was a very dark soul.No matter how ‘good’ Malcolm becomes he will always have one foot in the dark world. Woodside worked and did what was needed to get recognized in the spotlight of Hollywood.He is the perfect embodiment of both good and bad, sinner and saint. When asked about racial issues in the industry, all the shyness that may have been in his demeanor quickly vanished… Anyone who tells you differently is either lying or uniformed.Woodside shared how these two characters are surprisingly similar to his own personality.Man, playing Blue from The Temptations was true blessing.It didn’t matter how far away the game was, it didn’t matter how early in the morning the game was, it didn’t even matter how busy or how tired my Dad must’ve been feeling, he always showed up. When I was a young self-involved teenager (is there another kind) I never knew how special that was. When I relocated to Los Angeles as a young man on his own it was the beginning of what was to be an exploration of unlearned behavior.

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I would love to portray complex men such as Nat Turner, Benedict the Moor, Alexander Dumas, Marcus Garvey, Booker T. I could go on forever here and bore you to tears, I won’t.Also back at the time I used to spend time with ‘friends’ that were nothing more than opportunistic vampires sucking whatever they could out of me.Quite often those unhealthy ‘friends’ were hard to deter because they were often unbelievably charming people. We all remember The Temptations movie and Woodside’s role as “Blue” as well as his sultry role as “Malcolm” in Single Ladies.The teasing always stopped after I ran over and embarrassed those kids on the football field, if only temporarily. My father proved his merit not with mere words, but with action. My mom knew education was not only freedom, but that it was also opportunity. The folks that I used to view as strange or odd simply because they were different soon became my friends.My father never missed a single football game of mine. I remember my mom reading stories to me at bedtime when I was very young. Gay, straight, black, white, Latino, Asian, woman, man, etc. I wanted to be the vehicle that these people told their story through. Woodside realized his talent in acting, relocated to Los Angeles, California and did what many people would do, make mistakes. Woodside revealed that he did just that- made mistakes, got involved with people whom he came to realize were users. It’s how you recognize those things, remove yourself and learn from it.

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