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He admits that it should have been clear to him then that Lolita and Annabel were not the same, and that if he had known what pain and trouble would follow, he would have done things differently.

Downstairs, Humbert wanders through the hotel’s public rooms.

In the morning, Lolita wakes up and nuzzles him as he feigns sleep. Humbert launches into a dreamy description of how he would repaint the Enchanted Hunters hotel in order to make the setting of his first encounter with Lolita a more natural, romantic one.

Humbert once again defends his actions as natural, using history as evidence.

Asking a player to sign your team shirt is the starry-eyed request of a child.

So why did this gifted player with a girlfriend and baby in…

Humbert thinks the man resembles his Swiss uncle Gustave.

Humbert becomes upset by Lolita’s shifting moods and her seeming disinterest in him, and he worries about how to keep their new arrangement a secret.

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He claims that he hadn’t planned on taking Lolita’s innocence or purity but merely wanted to fondle her while she slept.

The man, who remains half-hidden in the shadows, invites Humbert and Lolita to lunch the following day, but Humbert plans to be gone with Lolita by then.

Humbert returns to the hotel room to find Lolita half awake.

At summer camp, she used to stand guard while her friend Barbara and Charlie, the camp-mistress’s son, copulated in the bushes.

Soon, Lolita’s curiosity led her to have sex with Charlie as well, and she and Barbara began taking turns with the boy.

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