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what's important is that when i was watching this, it felt like watching sth of substance. it's amazingly intense and heartbreaking and beautiful. the costumes are great and i loved how the boys had pretty long hair.the ost is incredible and so is the cinematography and the costumes. i loved how during the beginning i couldn't figure out who the girl would actually end up with. not a fan of the joseon era it seems drab compared to the goryeo era depicted in moon lovers. This drama was very popular internationally so please please im begging you SBS we need closure. To those who did not watch this drama, watch it now if you dont you will missed half of your life promise.. This drama left my heart sore :,( The ending was just too just extremely curious as to why Koreans didn't like dis drama LIKE HOW CAN YOU NOT ITS PERFECTION. If haesoo need up ep10 to falls for wang so, i just need hlaf of 1st episod to love him, Please give us a season 2 SBS and director Kim, we need closure JEBAL!!! And I am pretty sure,that a season 2,will be more positive received also in Korea,because now,many Korean have watched the drama after it's finale...ive never felt so many emotions at the same time until i watched moon lovers. soz for the rant y'all im like crying rn thinking of how beautiful the drama is and how i can never watch another drama like dis bc nothing can compete (trust me i've done research all other similar historical dramas are mehh). please guys for you who want to watch this ART series just prepare your heart for ending episod. Why,why,why the SBS can't understand that , if there is a drama, that deserves a second season,that's SCARLET HEART!!!! The male lead is the biggest success of this drama.I mean, with an ending like that, I'm surprised how the scriptwriter's house or workplace wasn't plagued by fans demanding a happy ending. It leaves you thinking about it even after you finish it.Then again, this drama didn't do well in Korea, did it? We wanted to console our broken and bruised and barely beating hearts and burning eyes. It makes you love it and unable to stop watching even though it breaks your heart. It has amazing characters and wonderfully talented actors.the actors and actresses are perfect, the plot is perfect, everything is perfect. he should act with other actors and actresses so that the moderndrama is fresh and more interesting. And then she stumble S into a museum and recalled everything. No other South Korean actor has Lee Joon Gi's charisma and screen presence. This bec of the screen presence of the great actor, Lee Joon Gi. The episodes are interesting because of LJG and also bec one learns about the history and culture of Korea. The acting, OSTS, cinemtography, BGMS are all on point. As everyone else has said this does have a lot of good actors and ive not finished yet but it's good so far. And also idk about others, but Hae Soo does the same stare all the time... It's stupid because it made me laugh, cry, smile like a fool at the same time. i definitely love it but i wanted them to meet in the present day and fall in love.I really enjoyed with this drama because it is unexpected drama.. Now she has to live with the longing, love and guilt (for choosing to leave him first) that she has for Wang So for the rest of her life.... He has shown a wide range of emotions in Moon Lovers - Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. The chemistry between the IU and Kang Ha Neil was amazing! it somehow gets annoying since its always zoomed in as well... Too much roller-coaster emotion going on in this drama for me. Wang So and Hae-Soo were perfect for each other if she loved any other Prince i wouldn't have liked it. It is so misleading: everyone's so happy in the first few episodes, and everyone is getting along with almost everyone.

worst part was not being able to get closure so pls pls pls make a second season before the heartache kills me. i don't think ive ever been this affected by any other movie, tv series or kdrama as ive been by moon lovers. The story, cast, plot, setting, all about this drama is reallyyyyyyy worth to watch! The acting was great, the directing was spectacular and I hope BBJX( the Chinese novel Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo is based on) has an English version because I want to read it.If you like an unpredictable drama with a good storyline, good acting, funny moments and you’re not afraid to shed a tear( cry enough to fill buckets ) then watch this. So yeah I think she ended good things for Wook, Sadly while thinking it'll benefit. It was all I could do to stop myself from buying a ticket back to my place and binge watching all of them in one go.There's only two things I didn't like about this drama. That poor girl suffered so much in both the periods and she didn't even get the ending she deserved. He'd been left alone his whole life, and when he takes the throne for a good cause, he is deserted.Granted, his actions caused his isolation, but he was majorly misunderstood.All he wanted was his brothers to live without any fears of being assassinated, a mother who loved him and the girl he loved to marry him. The second thing was the ending– no surprise there. Or is it that they didn't like who Hae Soo ended up loving? I've watched this drama twice and of all the dramas I've seen it is still my favorite.

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