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The issue of decoherence will be resolved in a couple of years.Therefore we will pursue the missions of Glycan Space XR in order to secure our outer space and the Space Industry.Regarding the increasing risk for the Kessler’s syndrome we consider this business opportunity as unappropriated for the moment and a very risky choice.First of all the real highly risky issue of SPACE DEBRIS is to be fixed before this commercial plan for communications at local Earth.These methods complement the reports described by NASA JPL (materials processing 1981-82-83 and the PERT report communicated to NASA-JPL in 1981-82 Christian Daniel Assoun as adviser for JPL-NASA (W. XR-SDR Mission As a direct consequence of human activities in Space, a huge amount of debris has accumulated on Earth orbits.While this issue was completely underestimated in early Space programs, it has appeared over the years to be a very serious issue.note: When the gravitational conditions are very far from the basic experimental conditions in order to bring natural isotopes and ions with H2O into contact, artificial centrifugal stations will be proposed allowing the creation of chemical salts essential for chemical, biological and agronomic engineering.

Those ideas, now know as the Kessler Syndrome, were not taken very seriously at first but by the time they are now considered as meaningful.In order to capture the debris or retired satellites and antennas , several methods have been proposed to agencies but none is scientifically acceptable without high risk for the cloud of existing or secret satellites and for the Planet.Nets, harpoons, arrows or kinetics tools with ropes while still sometimes considered as a potential solution have been understood to be mainly irrelevant. ) with the help of Stanford Engineers developed proper tools(grippers) tested in approx ZERO-G in order to capture the space debris or unused satellites with “gecko like micro surface technology”.This is a proper tool, that complemented with Glycan Space XR technologies can do the job in NEO-LEO-DEEP SPACE.Several methods in order to remove(de-orbiting) the satellites have been studied without taken in consideration that these satellites were not responding to communications from the “rescue” engine set by the Earth, and the rescue engine have to do the job without any help from the target(space debris or antenna or satellite body).

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