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And for the first time in my life I was able to open up. But then, as time passed and I grew older, I saw that God was never going to bring my brother back, so I stopped asking. It seemed that He had abandoned me and so I abandoned Him in return.

It spread itself over every part of me, it sank into my bones and it crawled inside my heart. After a short while lots of people that I had never seen before started coming into the house. He saw the wall behind the roses, and brick by brick, he helped me to pull it down.

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While her character Marcia Brady was winning over audiences with her fresh-faced charm, Mc Cormick was spiralling into depression and resorting to drug abuse, she admits in a shocking tell-all book. Even though Sam was only four, almost two years younger than me, and even though he had a disease called Tay Sachs and couldn't speak or laugh or play, he was my very best friend in the whole world. All I wanted was my Mommy to hold me, to look after me, to tell me what was happening, but now she was surrounded by strangers and seemed to be somewhere far, far away. And then, all of a sudden, I was told that it was time for me to go to school. But it seemed that my prayers weren't being answered that day. She would hold me close, stroke my hair and tell me that she loved me. But still, the terrible pain inside of me never left me. Night after night I pressed my face into my pillow so that nobody would hear me and I cried. After years imprisoned in a world of my own silence, my heart now seemed to be barricaded behind locked doors. I would see him lying in his bed and I would hold his hand and kiss his cheeks and love him forever. My brother may have been sick but I loved him with all of my heart! Nobody noticed me, alone and crushed into thousands of pieces in the corner. Many times, I would come home from school, run straight into my mommy's arms and burst into inconsolable tears. For seven long, lonely years I begged, I hoped, I waited. The years passed and eventually all I had left were some faded memories and a broken heart. He listened, he cared, he cried, and he helped me to see that even though my brother was no longer here with me, he will always be a part of me. It was then that I realised that the foundations of my relationship with Him were in fact formed during those painful years. Because now I see that He was always there, holding me in His loving arms and kissing away my endless tears as I cried myself to sleep. And after much persistent effort on his part, and much crying on my part, bit by bit I was at long last able to share a part of my soul with the other half of my soul. He was the most beautiful boy, with his soft cheeks and blue eyes. And now I look back on those years with increased wisdom. It was 12 years later when I started to rebuild my connection with God. It was my very calling out to Him that kept me from falling apart.

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