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His life entered a different realm—one of blood, violence, and amazing grace.

Thoroughly intimidated at first and frequently terrified, he experienced on a nightly basis the adrenaline rush of walking into chaos.

There were several photos of the two together, side by side.follows women who have chosen to give birth unassisted in the wilderness. Many professionals in the medical community are slightly outraged, claiming that not only is this a completely ridiculous idea for a reality show, but it's medically unsafe. To prove it, we've got a collection of some of the most out there and (sometimes) totally watchable fare reality TV has to offer.We can't speak to the medical concerns (Lifetime has taken provisions to ensure the women are safe, like an EMT close by, etc.), and hey, every woman gets the right to plan her own birth. Sure, there aren't any others that were inspired by very NSFW viral videos of a woman giving birth in a creek (pictured above), but there is an entire series about sex gone wrong, and another about naked strangers in a forest that's sure to entertain you in multiple ways.When technology seems to be tearing us apart, we feel that it can actually bring the world closer together than ever before.Quick flings and having sex with random strangers online is also a huge part of Xcamy.

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