Online dating chart spreadsheet

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For a school student's report, it can be a handy way find images of the animals or countries they're writing about; for business writing, perhaps less so.Just click the icon beside an image to insert it into your document, or drag-and-drop it to the spot you want." in a spreadsheet with a as smart everywhere else but it's still handy.

Analysis is the most straightforward—it's pre-made charts and stats pulled from your data.It'll then show images and "related research" with a link and preview from Google Search.The images are a quick way to make your document look nicer without much work—though their relevance may vary depending on your topic.Google will look at your spreadsheet, decide some of the best ways to visualize the data, and turn each into charts.Underneath the chart, it'll explain the findings, perhaps telling you the range of the data or how much it changed per year.

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