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People need help—they need their interactions with technologies and other complicated systems to be intuitive and pleasurable.

Design thinking is an essential tool for simplifying and humanizing.

Frigidaire's big on style and their machines general have appeal.

Most washers are available in multiple colors like classic black or white along with more adventuress colors like blue and red.

Some Frigidaire washer models also offer a super fast 25 minute wash cycle for smaller loads.

This is among the fast cycle times we've seen on the market.

Keep in mind that these comment are just general Frigidaire brand observations, so be sure to read Washing Machine reviews on individual Frigidaire washing machine models before you make your final decision.

#3) Many Cycles: Most Frigidaire washing machines over around 7 wash cycles to handle various size and soiled loads.

Most also offer 15 wash options, including Energy Saver to help reduce operating costs.

At these price points, Frigidaire washers do generally underperform in a few areas including Capacity and Noise.

Frigidaire Washing Machine Brand Rating: Overall Satisfaction Rating: 3/5 Operational Performance Rating: 3/5 Styling & Feel Rating: 3/5 Operational Features Rating: 3/5 Ease of Use Rating: 3/5 Warranty Rating: 3/5 Price Rating: 4/5 Overall Value Score: 3/5 (Average) #1) Price: Even at Frigidaire's highest price point its still way less than other washing machine manufacturers top models.

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