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The best look at the code of both foreground and background that, you have their own definition of Edit Template and then bound? If the above problems, The control solution (ID into the static type in controls (foreground) with attribute Client IDMode="Static")Posted by to huangjin118: Thank you for reply, I took a look at the column is not a template column before, I'll Grid View the column into a template can be found in the ID of the control, Then encountered a problem, I click "update" successfully changed value, Unable to automatically returns to the Grid View of the page, And wrong, The error reason I took a look at the, Because it can't find the controls, I checked should be with my fresh (refresh Grid View binding data) have function, But do not know the specific reasons where, If not then fresh () not error, But will stay in the page editor.

The updating function and fresh function I are as follows sqlstr = "The name update sheet4 set project (Bi Tian)='" & CType(Grid View1.

Edit Index = -1 fresh() Protected Sub fresh() Dim Con As Ole Db Connection, path As String Dim da As Ole Db Data Adapter, ds As New Data Set() path = Server.

Close() conn = Nothing Msg Box("A successful update, please click the refresh button to return to the") Grid View1.

Set the Binding Field name to the Text Property of both controls for each template field to the respective Database Column Name i.e Eval(“Emp Name”).

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Add Edit button from Command Field Group from Property Window.C# code Grid View Row var = (Grid View Row)gdpopulate. To String()); Text Box tfname = (Text Box)gdpopulate. If you want to edit 3rd Row then set the Edit Index to 2 (Row index starts from 0,1,2..). Find Control(“txt Emp Name”) as Text Box; Text Box txtdesign = dg Employees. Custom Delete in Grid View For Delete register Row Command event of the gridview.After setting editindex refresh the grid by calling Bin Grid. Find the Unique id for deleting the row from Data Keys collection of gridview.

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