Scarlett dating sean penn

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-Post-divorce, 2017 is perhaps Scarlett’s most interesting year to date.Jost is kind of a throwback to the clean-cut Reynolds-esque actors.2012Scarlett begins dating Nate Naylor, a New York ad exec who, according to those who know him, has an eye for risqué art and looks like Morrissey in his prime. For contextualization sake, I’ve only ever been compared to Matthew Perry, but less during his prime, and more during the years he was coked out on co-host Colin Jost as late as May, which everyone sort of universally agrees to be a huge win for Colin Jost. Ok, time to return to our original question: How did we get here?Well, after meticulously -ing my entire bedroom with pictures and newspaper clippings and different-colored yarns—I bought the spools at the Yarn Store, it’s a place—I came up with the following explanation.

Scarlett Johansson is 32-years-old, and arguably one of the most beautiful women on the planet. And more specifically: If they are indeed dating—which, who knows—how did Scar Jo get here?

It was bad enough when Natalie Portman had her ill-advised fling with him (Oddly, Penn’s fling with Jewel didn’t bother me. Jon, call me.) knocked on my office door and said “Let’s go,” the only thing my boss would see when he walked past my desk would be a puff of smoke. Get rid of this guy, but immediately, and hook up with someone less creepy, like — I don’t know — Woody Allen.

To quote Carrie Fischer in which I try to do regularly — “It’s so awful, there’s no way to even explain what is so awful about it.” Be that as it may, I’m sure gonna try. Scarlett, I understand the whole older man-younger woman thing and how that’s attractive to some girls. Believe me, if the dude from (not Jon Hamm, the grey-haired one, and only if Jon Hamm isn’t available. You had this: And now you have chosen this: Scarlett, dear, you’re backsliding.

It was, as people say, Totally understandable behavior. If you were a starlet between the ages of 19-24 between 2003-2006, it was basically a rite of passage to have sex with del Toro in a hotel lift.* I mean, you guys have seen , right? -2005 to 2011 is more or less the “Oh wait I can basically date any dude I want” phase. -2011 (cont.): Classic rebound situation, going from someone who smiles all the time (Reynolds) to someone whose face is sort of stuck in a permanent snarl (Penn’s face).

-2012 to 2016 finds Scarlett with two good-looking successful guys (Naylor and Dauriac) who are nonetheless not a part of the Hollywood elite.

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