Sharepoint site usage summary not updating

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They're the primary material for keeping a clear track of information, allowing the reader to distinguish notable trends, or single out certain metrics.

The second new report, the One Drive for Business activity report, enables visibility into which individuals are using One Drive in an organization within Office 365.

The new Share Point activity report provides details about how individuals are using Share Point Online team sites to store and collaborate on files, enabling visibility on which users are active on Share Point and engage with files stored within team sites and which users sync documents back to their local machine and if they share documents internally or externally.

In the future, Microsoft says it will update the report to reflect additional actions that users can perform in Share Point, such as page visits to complement the Share Point Online team site usage report that provides details per team site.

For example, if you wanted to gather details on how many hits were counted for each individual page in the site, you need to view a monthly summary.

Detailed Share Point usage reports include the following: Share Point Usage reports are features that are rarely heard of, but can provide a great deal of information for both site users and owners.

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