Shirtless online dating

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I don't like guys that try to look intimidating or are overly serious.

Also as pretty as they may be, I also can't take a guy seriously if he takes shirtless selfies at the gym – I may perve, admire and daydream for a minute, but he's not my future hubby." Sarah*, 24 (dating men) "If they have a dog, their chances are increased by 80%.

Because, yeah, it can get a little aggressive, and if somebody doesn’t stand up and say, “Enough! The folks at Bumble aren’t out to stop you having a good time, or even to put limits on what you can and can’t do online.

They just want to deliver on their promise that Bumble continues to be “a safe, friendly place to meet new people.

I don't like vain mirror selfies, overly posed photos, shirtless photos, if they are doing 'shakkas' in every photo, if they are highly intoxicated in EVERY photo, or if their profile picture is of them with a tiger/riding an elephant/donkey/with an entertainment monkey/any other accidental animal cruelty. genuine, fun, down-to-earth photos with puppies accompanied by a humorous bio with no spelling errors." Jen*, 27 (dating women) "I look for natural photos that don’t feel too contrived because, to me, this reflects a person who is comfortable with themselves and who is on the app to genuinely meet someone as opposed to attention-seeking. I also look for photos that show a little something about the person’s interests beyond those obvious pre-blackout drunk, glammed-up-with-drink-in-hand photos.

Incorrect grammar or spelling in their bio is an automatic no. We all like getting glammed up for a night out but there’s so much more to you than that and I want to see what fuels your fire!

The new picture guidelines aren’t meant to be the “prude police,” Bumble says, but are implemented because “we’re over online spaces having different rules than other social spaces.

The rules that apply in real life interactions will apply to Bumble.” Man, they’re smart cookies up there at Bumble HQ.

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Bumble, the app that makes women make the first move, has officially heard users who automatically distrust a guy with a bathroom mirror showing off his boxers and naked torso in his profile.That concept has attracted a higher calibre of users who want something more than a casual hook-up. The ladies have spoken and here’s what they told Rebecca, 30 (dating men) "I like a guy who looks happy, is smiling and enjoying life – bonus points if he's doing an actual activity.I don't mean like mountain biking, something more along the lines of beer pong." Casey*, 28 (dating men) "Guys wearing petrol station sunnies, with mullets, bad shoes, or any shirtless pics are definite red flags (and quick nos). On the other hand, guys who only wear suits seem boring.

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