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" data-title="Yonden Lhatoo" data-html="true" data-template=" Too busy and too choosy for love – that’s us in Hong Kong.

And everything around us, from the inescapable rat race to the gender imbalance, seems primed to facilitate a single lifestyle.

By-products of the distillation process will support nearby small-scale bio-production.

The distillery has its own malting floor, and all whisky will be matured on site.

This time, however, Adelphi was an independent bottler, focusing on sourcing rare and unique casks from various distilleries.

Their relentless focus on quality while selecting their whiskies established the name of Adelphi once again, winning numerous prizes for their selections.

But hey, there are plenty of apps to help get us there!

Rather than believing the horror stories, why not give it a go?

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The distillery then went dormant, and the Adelphi name faded, until 1993, it was resurrected by the great-grandson of the owner who took control of the distillery in the 1870s.

Most of the discussions are in Chinese but feel free to start a conversation with the person you find interesting!

The Ardnamurchan peninsula is the most Western part of the British (and thus Scottish) mainland, thus making the Ardnamurchan Distillery the most westerly in Mainland Scotland.

Unlike speed dating or other traditional matchmaking agencies, our matching process is completely discreet and efficient.

It's not the first thing we'd admit, but meeting people of the dating nature is rather hard in this tiny city.

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