Speed dating tricks pua

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So here are my five top tips for having an awesome experience speed dating.1. This is because there’s no better way to break the ice than to have something in common that will start the conversation. Bring a book to the literary event; Play a track to your dates at Stereo Speed Dating; Have a travel story or an idea of your dream destination for travel bug speed dating.

And you do need to practise because practise is key to every successful seduction and dating system.Jeffries takes no prisoners in terms of drumming in his methods into your head.In the Pathway section he discusses what he has been through during the duration of the DVD and once all the components are laid out, he takes us through the ABC of using Speed Seduction in practice.Speed Seduction is much more than just proposition and a hypnosis program – it is more of a holistic system intended to alter limiting attitude and give confidence to personal growth.You won’t only learn how to develop your skills in seduction but you’ll understand a lot more about the human psyche, when to approach a woman and most importantly – when not to!

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