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There are a lot of tables in Oracle E-biz that need to store Historical data. They hold two extra columns to store the start and end date of the record. For that Oracle added another model, concept of EOT (End of Time).

So a new record gets created with EFFECTIVE_START_DATE of today and EFFECTIVE_END_DATE of 31-DEC-2013, and the currently active record gets updated with an EFFECTIVE_END_DATE of yesterday.So in this case every time we update an address, it creates a new ADDRESS_ID.Talking about the person records, the indicative details of all persons are stored in a table named “PER_ALL_PEOPLE_F”.So that it will tell me, the car was available in past, but is not available now (01-JAN-2010). So we can consider these to be partially date tracked. So that enabled me with features like, Update, Correction, Insert and Replace. Joe's address, we will keep it in a table, that can just tell me, since when, till when did he live in a given address, we do not want any complexity of Insert and replace.However imagine a case where, we do not need that much data consistency, so that whenever we do some updates to a column, it adds a new row to the table. All we want to do is to be capable of updating the address (that’s a new record), and correct the address (Updating the same record).

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