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Enfin, la compétence, l'expérience et la complémentarité des auteurs constituent les meilleures garanties de la fiabilité et de la performance de cet outil.

Grâce à cette collaboration judicieuse entre un directeur territorial et un inspecteur divisionnaire des Finances publiques ayant préalablement exercé les fonctions de receveur percepteur du Trésor, des renseignements sûrs, dans un langage accessible à tous, sont donnés aux fonctionnaires des diverses administrations concernées : petites communes, collectivités plus importantes, groupements intercommunaux, trésoreries municipales.

The change of administrations means that the geography of the climate change issue has shifted.

As predicted by Jeff Immelt of GE at last year’s Eco.nomics conference, carbon regulation is coming.

Where there is lots of room for debate, and where the conservatives among us have huge opportunities, is about what are appropriate policies to respond.

Suggesting that climate is 1) not a threat and 2) far off is neither compelling nor effective in the face of the current state of Congress, to say nothing of the position of the President.

While most of the world has focused on hammering Will on his research,his editors or the fact checking of both, etc.

There is little to gain by arguing against the preponderance of scientific thought.

There is much to be won by focusing on how that thought could lead us toward prosperity and national security.

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