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Now more than ever, we're being called to reclaim our innate power and wisdom as humans. Listen to my episode on the Spoon of Consciousness Podcast HERE IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS...Taurus season is the perfect time to lean in to pleasure, love the body, and show up more fully to every situation. Alexandra’s incredible life and the experiences she's had the Feminine Divine Moon Club & moon rituals the power of a gathering of people with a focused intention shamanism the work Alexandra does when coaching and supporting women getting in the flow Click HERE to listen my interview with Ashley on her podcast: Manifest This!As the Founder of Moon Club I am always fascinated with how the Moon plays into our sex and love lives and spend so much time guiding people through the phases so we can use the moon’s juiciness to play and grow! It’s time to figure out why women trigger each other, stop throwing shade, and turn those triggers to gold …Read More HERE Check out my Applied Empathy Podcast HERE"This month's session, "The Generational Divide: Empathy for the Ages," is all about differences and similarities across four different generations. ) What this means for your love life: Basically, we are in a portal of energy where the vibes are getting high, and you will have to look at anything you’ve hidden in the shadows and bring it to light! It’s my second circle, and this time I don’t light up, determined to remember the meeting’s details and to take notes.Read More HERE On a recent visit to Los Angeles, a friend invited me to accompany her to an event called "Sex, Love, and Other Things." It was going to be held at a wellness store on Abbott Kinney, which, for those of you who don't speak LA, is a strip of hip-ass shops in the midst of Venice, a once-bohemian beach community. But once you discover them your whole life changes. Read More HERE I meditated with monks in caves in Italy, sitting on rock floors with no cushions under my bum and meditated for hours in the cold. To explore the theme, Sub Rosa's Founder/CEO Michael Ventura is joined by:- Baby Boomer Alexei Orlov - Business Leader and Global Marketer- Gen Xer Debra Scherer - Filmmaker, Photographer, Founder and -Creative Director of The Culture Crush- Millennial Alexandra Roxo - Co-Founder of Moon Club, Spiritual and Creative Mentor, and Award-winning Filmmaker- Gen Zer Michael Flom - Student and Music Entrepreneur Thank you for listening. Click HERE to read more I'm lying on the floor, rocking side to side with my knees clenched tightly to my chest, face red-hot to the touch and damp with tears. The room is alive with 20 other women doing the exact same thing. My memory has been failing me for a while now, though appropriately, I can’t remember if it was ever that good to begin with.When we learn to love and appreciate ourselves, we also learn to appreciate the Earth and each other. Valentine’s Day Special: Embracing Your Sexuality with Alexandra Roxo Released Feb 14, 2018Today’s episode is a Valentine’s Day special all about love — self-love, love in a relationship, and expanding what your ideas about love may be. Stargazing will take on a whole new meaning when Moon Club co-founders Alexandra Roxo and Ruby Warrington take over Maha Rose North to celebrate the new moon in gregarious Leo. And things can quickly become ugly, uncomfortable, and awkward as we grieve and let go. I’m so excited to present you with a little surprise for the weekend: the second Radical Self Love Fest podcast.

) - “Learning the Blueprints has been empowering and freeing for me. We are creating a new culture based on conscious consent.

Art of Conscious Dating Have your ever wondered and wished your first date to be an awesome experience?

Why is it that one of most dread things is the first date and also the most disastrous one?

Finding your voice and speaking up is truly a practice! You can watch a bit of my scene on You Tube, but the whole episode is here.

You may recognize Karley from my show Be Here Nowish Season 1 and Season 2.

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