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Above everything I want you to be happy.'Our mothers met, embraced, and promptly forgot their differences in purely feminine discussions of wedding plans (we were to be married by a civil judge to eliminate difficulties), motherly landings of their respective offspring, and the honeymoon.

Once marriage loomed up as a certainty, not another word against Ben's race or religion escaped my mother's lips.

I have heard the same things from the lips of plenty of one-hundred-per-cent Americans,'Mother,' I said quietly, 'remember the greatest Man who ever lived was a Jew—Jesus.' That held her for a minute.

'Yes,' she murmured, 'it is the great paradox.''And other great Jews,' I added quickly.

The old persecutions are rising again throughout the world.

We have need, as never before, to stick to our own people and traditions.'But, loving Ben above the rest of her children, she probably also said, 'Well, then, if you love her and are sure that she is the one woman for you, you have my blessing.

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'Ben,' she most likely said, 'it grieves my old heart to have you marry a Shiksa rather than one of us.

'The Jews make excellent husbands; so I've always maintained.''But,' she always adds, 'I am happy to say Ben is not at all Jewish in his make-up. 'It was this that finally propelled me to our typewriter—to tell the world how it really is between a Jew and a Christian, since the world is evidently so intensely interested.

He doesn't look Jewish and his ways are not Jewish, In fact, you wouldn’t think he was a Jew at all.'Naturally, to our friends, the most interesting aspect of our marriage is its interracial side, I know that even now many of them, aware of my pro-German leanings, still chuckle behind our backs; 'Well, well, our little Nazi Gertrude had to go and marry a Jew, of all people.', ‘What is it like, living with a Jew? I wish I could say that, because Ben and I have worked through to complete happiness, there is no reason why Jews and Gentiles everywhere cannot live peaceably and happily side by side. But when we do have discussions we fire away freely.

'Spinoza, for instance, and Epstein.'Mother looked at me a little sadly.

She wasn't licked, but she was for the moment out of arguments.

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