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for First Grade Dis- advantaged Children Helen G, Myers 2, Use of the Initial Teaching Alphabet — a Proposal for Increasing Its Effectiveness with Disadvantaged Children Tvan M. Using the i.t.a, with a Group of First Grade Deaf Children and Its Implications in Relation to Reading, Speech and Language Sister Francis Solano Utilizing Pitman's Initial Teaching Alphabet (i.t.a.) with Infant Deaf Children ...... The Initial Teaching Alphabet As An Adjunct to Articulation Therapy Ronald Goldman C. Individualized Teaching Accomplished in Remedial Reading Marvin G. standards was studied based upon children’s written work (l.e., where the child chose the word to be spelled rat er than being presented with a standard I zed list), the data suggests that i.t.a. After two years of Instruction, when transition has been completed, the evidence Is clear that I.t.a. There Is an Increasing concern with the use of I.t.a. as a medium for ccrmun- ication, Reading Is not disregarded, but Is recognized as only one channel for communication.

The Efficacy of the Initial Teaching Alphabet and the Peabody Language Development Kits with Southern Dis- advantaged Children in the Prinary Grades: A Final Report After Three Years Lloyd M. Initial Teaching Alphabet and the Emotionally Disturbed Institutionalized Boy Mary Jackson 4. As An Improved Approach to Remedial Reading Therapy • Raymond E. Typically, at Ihe end of the first year, chi Idren taught with I.t.a, spell leea veil on traditional standardized measures of spelling achievement than their T. In those few studies, where spalling according to T,0. Perhaps most Important, there is concern with I.t.a.

rint*d ird bound In C*nidi El as a language arts medium Edited by J. Of course, these men lived long ago, when we were much less ready to reconsider pre- sumably eternal truths than we are now. Vannevar Bush, a great contemporary who made sub- stantial contributions to science, testified authoritatively before a Senate Committee In 1945 that a 3,000 mile Mgh-angte rocket would be Im- possible for many years. I say technically I don't think anyone in the world kncws hc« to do such a ting, and I feel confident that It will not be done for a very long period of ti T re to come ...

Sir Isaac P tman, was one of these early pioneers; but Pltmar/s original perception — that the difficulties of our alphabet *ere significant at the learning stage and Irrelevant once true literacy was achieved — was one of those simple Ideas which are the largest burr under the specialist's saddle.

The Effect of Two Different Orthographies on Beginning Reading Eleanor R. and the context In which It finds Itself In contemporary education. Sir James 1 paper will give the reader a personal Insight Into the thinking, planning and persuasion from which l.t.a. Sir James has been a representa- tive in the House of Commons and the ol rector of a major publishing house. This combination has led to the planned evolution of the 44 characters we know today as l.t.a. His exceptionally scholarly paper attempts to put the issue of l.t.a. He notes In the second sentence of his Introduction, 'Those very features, both of symbol forms and spelling rules, which make it a better Initial teaching medium Cl.t.m.) than any other heretofore devised, would be rightly adjudged detrimental In a spelling reform notation/’ Dr. It Is, rather, that anxiety which does not allow some people to accept what ie as that which must be.

His paper, which Is first In this volume, will give the reader some Insight Into the man who developed l.t.a. William Glllooly were presented In a session entitled Historical Backgrounds. have suggested that it should be used 1 reform the spelling of English. Godfrey Dewey Is the f, Oean” of spelling reformers in the United States. It Is r.o the kind of anxiety which psychiatrists treat, that that wells up out of nameless fears.

Fourvdllion it Hoftlri Unlviriity Htmpil Md, N, Y.11S50 ? Conference Mc Gill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada August 1967 Published for The i.t.a. false Professionalism and the Eighth Virtue Theodore B. ) of the higher learning have looked askance at all Innovation." There was Gaflileo and Bruno, Pasteur and Lister, Mesmer and Freud, Semmelweis and — but the list is too long either to cite or to comprehend. have been talking about a 3,000 mile high-angle rocket shot from ore continent to another carrying an atomic bonb so directed as to be a precise weapon which would land directly on a certain tar- get which is a city. It remains to be seen row effectively we can work with 11. fcatlons Inc* New York, New York My concern Is lass wllh I.t.a. had not provided us with a tool fc r language which was not readily i available before. The Peabody-Chicago-Detroit Reading Project — A Report of the Second-Year Results Richard K. i.t.a, and Mentally Handicapped Adolescents * Margaret Wallace 3. The fears originally expressed (f.e., that l.t.a-taught children will spell more poorly) seem largely to have been dissipated. in Remedial Reading with Third and Fourth Graders Rita E. r-’a Rationale for the Program in Early-to-Read : The Influence of Medium on Method ...» Vera Ohanlan 2. The Effect of Three Different Methods Tested Reading Achievement of Transition on Robert E. may be used both passively In reading and actively In writing. have been concerred to any degree wl the pro- blems of writing, admittedly have not completely controlled for fht, oppor- tunity f oi" T. In most cases, this seems to have been the conscious decision of educators who the fact that, given the Inconsistencies of English, it does not readily permit very young children to express themselves with T. Those studies that have dealt at all with writing indicate clearly that children tend to write much longer and more Interesting stories than children taught with traditional orthogra- phy .

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