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If you’re not aware of what Buddy Press is, now’s the time to learn, because the free Word Press plugin offers the quickest and easiest method to create your own social network, with member profiles, activity streams and more.Most everyone who has tried to build some sort of community on a Word Press site has turned to Buddy Press, since it’s lightweight, powerful and easy to learn.Write on your own professional blog to bring together people who may want to talk about certain topics and improve your SEO at the same time.Showcase a beautiful portfolio if you plan on bringing in clients, and build an awesome shop with the help of Woo Commerce.Chances are you won’t end up creating the next Facebook with this plugin, but it’s extremely suitable to expand a community on an existing website.

Buddy Press Buddy Press is undeniably the best Word Press plugin for creating a social network out of your Word Press website.Comet Chat Obviously, no social platform is complete without a full-fledged chat feature, and Comet Chat provides you with that and more.Available in 9 languages with minimal server load, Comet Chat is a j Query chat plugin that integrates with Buddy Press and Word Press seamlessly.To get started, we recommend that you first outline the nature of your social network, as that will determine what extensions you download.Once you’re done, download the plugin and set it up with your Word Press website to enter a new age of social networking!

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