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Extraordinary" Read More Customer Feedback Advanced Access sample with multi-image subform. Pictures in Access Forms & Reports - OLE Object Photo & Image... Oh, and the same 60 image files loaded in around 1/20th of the time, and are currently consuming a mere 260K, instead of 100Mb .What I do is use Group Policy Preferences to copy a file from the network (I have saved to the GPO source location eg.\Domain.local\DFS\Install\Adobe Flash\mms.cfg) to the client destination. Note: I have attached a sample file which is included in the package at the bottom of this article.If you do not have an internal CA, or a means of attaining a valid certificate I recommend generating your own self-signed certificate. If your clients are running a version of Flash greater than the auto-updating should update your clients as expected.Hi All, I'm trying to have my Crystal Reports Viewer be able to print in active X mode for all of my users.There are several sections that we need to individually configure to get it all to work, and at the end they should all work together to give us the end result of auto-updating clients in the enterprise.Deploying the client in the enterprise is relatively straight forward and I have covered it in the a previous article:| Adobe provide specifications for an configuration file that configures Adobe Flash player.

There are several problems at hand when it comes to the enterprise, some with a workaround but others that will hopefully be addressed with future updates. The underlying problem is that the SYSTEM account that is trying to access the internet does not know of proxy servers in your environment, in particular it does not know the proxy address or port number.(mine was In order to make this easier for deployment, I have attached a zip file with the necessary dll,s and registry files so that an administrator can just put this on a server, type it a password, and leave. Essentially all you need to do is modify with path and credentials, and the rest is handled by install2I've also included a copy of the current cab which is working for me in case anyone else needs access to it. Sometime the application just get hung and a little reset clears it right up. This page may not display correctly") Have googled the error message and tried a number of things but still no luck. If I do that I still get the blank box, however I don't get prompted for the active X install.It isn't an IE install permissions it is a Windows install permissions. I haven't used that method so I don't know but you should be able to install it on a box and allow all users to use it. Right click on the internet explorer icon, go to the properties. Is there anything in the GPO that could be preventing the active X install?The user settings are set either within the browser or through the Windows Control Panel. This configuration file overrides any user settings that are set in thefile and applies to the computer.The details about the file are below: Screenshot of file on a Windows 7 32-Bit machine: As you can see its a simple 3 liner cfg file that needs to be created\copied in the corresponding folder to force your desired configuration.

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