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I have an old Compaq Presario 2199us that I'd like to update the BIOS on. Although I have a floppy drive mounted in the case and a usb external floppy, I had to flash a BIOS with an image that did not fit on 1.44M floppy. EXE, some form of which I used on my key, not HP branded, as part of this process. I believe there should be at least /c /v /s /x where /c clears cmos, /v verifies as it writes, /s is silent mode and /x turns off the memory manager check. I believe if you want to cut out all the extra command work, this link to Fixing A laptop which had had a bad BIOS upgrade is the closest to a factory rewrite you will get.

The thing is, the BIOS update is a bootable DOS floppy image. The manufacturer providing this firmware had instructions for using a bootable usb key for this; maybe you could find similar where you are getting the BIOS. One set of relevant instructions might be this: How to Create a bootable USB Memory Keyhere's what i'd do.download the softpaqunpack with 7-zipunpack ROM. I have an old Compaq Presario 2199us that I'd like to update the BIOS on. Running on another computer can be avoided by utilizing the 7-zip tool that has already been suggested previously to dissect the info required.## Warning: If you have no confidence then seek HP official support first and allow them to use internal tools should you feel it really needs a bios update ##I can't answer why the check is there.

The Laptop booted from the CD, and upgraded the BIOS without a hitch.

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Intel AMI BIOS IDs are used to identify motherboards with an Intel AMI BIOS.Press "Escape" instead if you want to reboot the computer without saving your changes.Ty Arthur has been writing technical and entertainment-related articles for a variety of online sources since 2008. »h10025.www1com/ewfrf ··· sw_lang=Run the application against a virtual floppy drive image, then convert the floppy image to a bootable CD image with imgburn and boot to that.»vfd.sourceforge.net/» things could go wrong though, so no guarantees. however, there is also a phoenix bios recovery tool that has worked in many cases... I extracted the files you mentioned, and burned them to a CD. How can I get Free DOS to run with a CD rom driver, but no memory manager? ...maybe it will output a list of switches it accepts.IMG with 7zip again (this is the disk image)M159is your BIOS file. however, there is also a tool called that can be run from windows. f=197 there's an option for DOS the system files are at »files.extremeoverclockin ··· hp? The thing is, the BIOS update is a bootable DOS floppy image. However, the batch file that runs the command (when you create the bootable floppy) probably uses some of these switches anyway.

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