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You simply hit the MARK key, on the G-III, etrex, 76, and emap press and hold the ENTER key, and the waypoint entry form will appear.The location you were at the moment you pressed the button is already saved in the waypoint information on the form so even if you are traveling at 65 miles per hour down the freeway you can reliably capture a single point with the press of the button.A unique default name is assigned automatically but you can modify this name at your leisure without effecting the position data.Finally you should hit "save" to store the waypoint in your database.On the G-III family and emap you first save the waypoint and then you can average by selecting this option from the local menu on the waypoint display screen.(Please see more information on averaging below.) If you are using dgps you can still average the position but the improvement will be much less since dgps is already more accurate.------------- /- __._FT - used with averaging to indicate FOM ------------- AVERAGE? Averaging will continue until you finally select save and enter.While averaging is going on the unit will display a FOM, figure of merit, number to indicate the probable accuracy of the average to this point.

It will automatically increment until it finds an empty number.

The GC will clear the session data files based on their last modification time.

Thus if you never modify the session, you simply read from it, then the GC will eventually clean up.

On some units it will automatically use the lowest available number but and on many others you can force the number sequence to continue from wherever you wish.

To do this just name a waypoint from the number sequence.

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