Updating plone ucr dating

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In Plone 4 the action icons tool has been deprecated. Index Iterator the Favorite content type use_folder_tabs from site_properties The 'actions' method of @@plone_context_state now takes a single parameter which is the action category that should be retrieved.

Instead, actions in the actions tool and control panel tool can now have an associated icon expression which gives the URL of the icon. This should be used instead of the 'keyed_actions' method which has been removed.

Until Plone 3.x this used to make a lot of variable definitions available directly in your template, as the main template pulled in definitions from the global_template.

This was handy, but the downside was that for every template lots of these variables were calculated but never used.

Registering icons with the action icons tool will still work in Plone 4, but it is deprecated and will no longer work in the next major release of Plone.

In Plone 3, products could register icons associated with CMF actions using the action icons tool (portal_actionicons in the ZMI, in Generic Setup profiles).This is the file Products/CMFPlone/browser/ploneview.py, specifically the method _initialize Data.The most common variables that are now missing, including their definitions, are these: This condition is False when portal does not have the mentioned css file, but it also fails when portal is not defined!Copy your instance into a new environment and upgrade the copy.This is a good way of working out your third party products and dependencies in preparation for the final upgrade of the live site!

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