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They identify Hoffman's mom as a psychic, able to manipulate the thoughts of others. Boys and girls being friends is about the max on this kind of thing.

It's such a dangerous power that the FBI asks Scott for help. Don't defend yourself against accusations that haven't been made. I hope there is more than scattered humor cause this is a middle grade book about superpowers. That the plot doesn't rev up until "late in Act 2" is a HUGE problem, in that when I request a full manuscript, the plot better be revved up and running by the end of Act 1 and preferably a lot sooner. Middle grade readers aren't going to sit around and wait for the good stuff either.

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Most companies rely on a variety of methods to provide their customers with support.For instance, it is very common for an organization without a dedicated help desk to search through Excel spreadsheets and multiple databases in order to retrieve customer data and product or service information.Additionally, the support representative may have to write notes by hand or type them up in a general word processing program in order to record the nature of the issue.His ability to suppress superpowers is ideal for shutting down psychics, but the telekinetic man is still at large. Keep hiding for his own safety, or risk another attack to protect his friend. The help desk software industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the computer software industry.

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